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Links to Neat Sites

In no particular order as of yet, here are links to some web sites I like:

Trivial Pursuit -- Play a one person game on-line as part of their Genus IV promotion. Fun!

Twin Cities Traffic Net -- Fun for people who like to know everything. Seriously, they've got speed sensors under most of the main freeways and highways around town, so if you're planning your route home, check out this site before you leave.

Anime Web GUIDE -- An amazing text-only guide to Web Anime resources. This is an html version of the Anime Pocket Guide. Take a look.

Tests, Tests, Tests -- Enjoy taking those magazine quizzes? They've got IQ tests, personality tests, behavior test. Try it -- it's fun. Who knows, you might just learn something. ;)

Rocketmail -- An affiliate of 4 11 Directory Services. Free e-mail. Need I say more? OK -- they've got filters, forwarding, enough space for my 6 mailing lists, responsive support -- works for me.

The Infobahn -- Home of such nifty toys as The Anagram Page and The Burrito Page. Take the survey and see what your burrito says about you!

Clip Art Review -- One of the better ways to find free graphics on the Web. Plus a good search engine.

Astrology Net -- Free horoscopes, compatibility charts, etc. Just don't take it too seriously -- every time they tell me love is on the horizon, it seems to be the western horizon they're referring to.

The Zone -- This is the diet I'm cheating on, er, I mean following. Seriously, I think it's great, it works for me, and if you want to know more, check out the site, read the books, or ask me. I can get on the soapbox for hours about this.

weatherOnline! -- The title pretty much says it all.

The Nando Times -- News on the Net. Get it there. A slight North Carolina bias is occasionally evident.

NCSA (at UIUC) Beginner's Guide to HTML -- Great on-line HTML Primer. Lots of links to other helpful sites for more advanced questions.

The Internet Public Library -- Just what it sounds like. The reference section has been pretty helpful for me.

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