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This is a list of neat book-related web sites and perhaps in the future a bibliography. This is just a start -- there's more to come.


Barnes&Noble -- Big bookstore, nice search engine. Reviews and such also.

Interloc -- Possibly the largest on-line source for used books. Pretty nifty.

All-Electric Paperbacks -- Another used book resource, although the name always conjures up different images for me...

BookSite -- A friendly on-line bookstore, with some interesting services, such as the Personal Datebook tucked in there.

G.F. Armoury Books -- Specializing in Medieval and Renaissance books. An excellent resource.

Web Fiction

Web Published Fiction -- Yahoo's index of fiction on the Web. You'd be surprised how much is out there. Some of it's even good.

Pulp City Online Fiction -- Several stories, and links to other fiction on the Web.

Adam and the Alien -- A serial web novel. Pretty nifty. Works best with all the add-ons, such as Shockwave. I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

ALIX OF DREAMS -- a novel by B. Clifford Shockey. Join Alix, a remarkable young man, as he struggles to survive in the nightmare landscape of his dreams and in the madness of everyday life in fourteenth century France. Way cool! A sequel is in the works...

Favorite Authors

(in no particular order)
Laurell K. Hamilton -- Anita Blake series and various others. Mostly dark fantasy/speculative fiction. Cool stuff.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg -- Jacqueline's page is a satellite of the Sime~Gen Webring. Surf the ring to find out more. There's a listserv, too...

Scholarly Resources

Medieval Feminist Index -- Yes, it's about what it sounds like. They have a search engine and everything.

Other stuff

Publishers Weekly -- I'm not usually very keen on book reviews and such, but there's a lot of useful information on this site regarding publishing schedules and such.

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