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A Brief Biography

Well, I was born in a hospital... (well, it's true!) in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1969. I've lived in the Twin Cities most of my life, except for college in Massachusetts and Graduate School in Madison, WI. But I came back here because I like it here. Right now I'm living in Hopkins with my fiance, Matthew.


The early years aren't much to talk about. When I was 17, I attended Mount Holyoke College, one of the few all-Women's Colleges remaining. Founded in 1837, it was the first of the so-called "Seven Sisters" -- the Ivy League Women's Colleges. Anyway, check it out. It's a pretty neat place.

I got a BA in Music there, and gave Grad School a try at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Not a bad place at all, but not, as I discovered, a good career move. So now my head is stuffed with all sorts of Music History and Theory I'll probably never use again.


I work for Personnel Decisions, International as an Administrative Assistant. In my own words, the general concept is that you can do more with employees than just hiring them or firing them. We have a variety of programs and tools.
OK -- it's still work. But it's not too bad.


I've got a lot of hobbies, but there are several pages on those, which you can get to from my home page. So check them out.

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