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Northshield Pavilion Page

In AS 33, the Principality of Northshield decided to acquire a pavilion for the use of the royalty and populace at such camping events where Northshield has established a large and definite presence. These camping events will most likely include, but are not limited to: Pennsic War, Lilies and Gulf Wars as appropriate, Warriors and Warlords, Armorgeddon, and other such events.

The Pavilion

The Northshield Pavilion has been ordered from Panther Primitives. It will be a 30' x 50' marquee pavilion with a 15' roofline peak and 8' walls. One of the 30' walls can be set up as an awning, and the other is split in the center to allow for a "front door" setup. The 2 50' walls have been split for convenience in setup, but all walls can be removed or folded back as needed. The pavilion should arrive in May. At that time, it will begin to show up at all larger Northshield events for the purpose of painting the pavilion's roof, walls, and dags.